Copywriting extraordinaire Joseph Sugarman once said that the goal of every sentence is to get you to read the next one (and keep reading until you reach the end of the copy).


He called this "the slippery slide" effect to describe how all the elements in an ad should compel you to read every sentence from start to finish. 

But here's a problem. 

Not all sentences are created equal. While some sentences entice you to ride the metaphorical slide and hit that CTA button, others lead you down a slippery slope to boredom and page abandonment.


And when you consider the fact that the average attention span of an adult is just 8 seconds (!!!), it's more critical than ever to make every sentence count. 

This is where I can help

Whether it's writing inspiring social media posts, writing blogs for a B2B company, or repurposing webinars into well-thought-out white papers, my goal remains the same: to deliver engaging, high-quality content that commands your attention, sentence by sentence. 

So let me write for you the write way!





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Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the startup.



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Over the past six months, Heidi has diligently repurposed several of Iterable's event sessions, webinars and case studies into blog posts and a whitepaper series, which fueled our editorial calendar and demand generation strategy. She's also worked as an extension of our content marketing team, partnering with subject matter experts to write original content, including a successful article on 2021 email design trends. Her skill set, professionalism and positive spirit would make her a great asset to any organization.

-Alyssa Jarrett, Director of Brand & Content Marketing at Iterable


Heidi was able to create content of the utmost quality and perfectly

match the required style and voice of each project and client...resulting in improvements in content engagement.

-Carlos Trillo, CEO of Evinex

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