Carlos Trillo, CEO 


"I had the opportunity of working with Heidi in blogging and social media projects. She was an excellent team member with outstanding writing skills and motivation.


She was able to create content of the utmost quality and perfectly match the required style and voice tone of each project and client, resulting in content engagement improvements and great results.


She was very proactive, responsible, and a quick learner. And her cheerful personality helped her to quickly be part of the team. Heidi will be an extraordinary addition to any team looking for a content writer who can contribute with a top-quality work product and the ability to adapt to the most demanding situations."

Dominique Franklin, Head of IT Communications

Kaiser Permanente

"My about me and featured posts lacked a strong, consistent voice, and often were too wordy. I enjoy sharing as much about myself as I can, but she helped me refine the story and make sure the audience I was trying to reach would get the point quickly. Her rewrites still had my voice and tone, but she made my about me stronger and more concise. After her rewrites, I saw a 15% increase views on my about me, and a 10% decrease in the bounce rate on my featured posts page."

Cliff Roberts, Managing Partner 

Navigator Networks

"Heidi did a great job with writing our first case study. From the beginning, she understood the message we wanted to convey and distilled it into a story that reflects our core values. I would work with her again for future projects."

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