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Leading the Product

Leading the Product is an annual product management conference held in Australia and Stockholm. It's also a microsite that's part of the 100 PM community, including an exclusive podcast featuring nine guest speakers from the conference.

Website Rewrite

Dominique J Franklin

Writing about yourself is hard. You may know yourself better than anyone else, but when it comes to writing about your achievements, you either write too much or too little. In this case, Dominique fell under the 'write too much' category. So he enlisted my help to polish his website and let his work shine. 

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100 Product Managers

100 PM is a community of new and aspiring product managers. The website is packed with free content (most notably the podcast) that's designed to help new PMs succeed in their role. 

Social Media


Homie is a fast-growing home services startup in Los Angeles. They struggled to engage with their audience while staying true to their brand voice, so I stepped in and helped amplify their voice on LinkedIn. 

*Name has been changed to protect the client

Case Study

Navigator Networks

Navigator Networks is an IT consultancy. They reached out to me because they needed help generating leads. After brainstorming, we decided that writing a case study would be the first step towards attracting new clients. 

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